Tuesday, February 4, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Fun Stuff Near Eureka California

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I do enjoy finding fun stuff that is new and different to me.  May 2013 I shot these while rolling.

Now and then, I will bring you fun stuff, here are four from around Eureka California.  (I know, sometimes my reactions are almost childish, but, I am ok with that.  LOL)

Something that was new to me, but, prevalent on the left coast are drive through coffee houses.  Oh, my.  All shapes and sizes of buildings.  I was rather taken by them all.

This business gets points for creative signage.

But, this one takes WINNER.  Painted exterior walls are also very popular in this area.  I saw so many I wanted to shoot, but, most were hard to capture.  This building is home to a computer business and an agricultural supply business.  Look very carefully at this painting.  Really close!  I see both technology and agriculture.  Do you?

Fun stuff.  Just fun!  Just cause we can.  Fun!


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