Monday, February 17, 2014

Crowley Natural & Cultural History Center, Sarasota, Florida, The Pioneer Museum

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On Valentine's Day Man and I did something different.  No wine, no roses, no special meals out (just a couple of hits at the local fast food joints).  Instead, we drove to Sarasota and chose to visit the Crowley Natural & Cultural History Center.

After a visit to the Visitors Center, armed with the map of the grounds, and suggestions/hints from the docent, off we went.  First stop, the Pioneer Museum.  The museum is arranged as a general store, most of the artifacts were collected by Jasper Crowley.

Gosh, I love old stuff, and there are some great artifacts here.

I have an old trunk similar to this one, see the curved top inside.  That section on mine lifts out.  The curved section is made from a heavy cardboard type material, not wood.

The two children on this tour enjoyed the toy display. Rock the ball and the chickens peck at their meal.

I don't remember ever seeing this toy. Two girls, one jumps rope.

Man turns the handle, err, arm of one sister, and her sister jumps!

Butter churn, I believe.

Always a favorite of mine, bottle displays.

Next came a walk, not far in distance, but long in duration, cause we had the time, so why hurry.  At the end of the walk we found ourselves on the Children' Discovery Path.  We also stopped briefly at the Tatum House.


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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Well...there's the sewing machine just like my grandmother's. She gave it to Mom before I was born. Mom sewed all my clothes and all the little girls gushed over my pretty dresses. Then, when I learned to sew, that's what I used for years. Alas, Mom sold it and got a really fancy electric to replace it. Boohoo! I got an electric, hated it, got rid of it and have not sewed since. I want a Singer Treadle! But I want it to be restored and ready to go as soon as I sit down at it. Sigh! One of these days...