Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Plant City Florida, Antiques, Strawberries And Trains

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Plant City Florida, is a interesting, eclectic town mid Florida.  The town was named after prominent railroad developer Henry B. Plant.  There is, of course, a Wikipedia page on the town.  And, yes, you can even learn more about Henry.

Basically we went out to lunch, and on a short discovery drive/tour of the town.  We parked Jolly and got out and walked around town.  There was a great theater building.

There are lots of antique stores in Plant City.  L*O*T*S!!  I found a small photo frame I decided to purchase, less than $2.00 and ended up having a very interesting discussion with the shop owner and a friend of hers.  They filled me in a bit on some of the local history and stories.  They suggested we walk down to the train station/museum, which we decided we must do.

But, before we arrived at the train/museum area, I found another wall of art.

Plant City is the home of a strawberry festival in late February or early March.  We have seen many fields of strawberries growing near the campground. Man found some strawberries at a local market, they were wonderful.

The train museum area:

The lady at the antique store was very taken with these benches at the museum.  They are made from wheels off trains.  What you cannot see here, is that there is another bench behind this one.  Two benches for each set of wheels.

Train stuff!  Clean, well preserved, nicely painted.

Sadly, the museum was closed so we wandered back to Jolly and headed back to Tana.  There are many older homes, small neat homes.  The down town area proper had a couple of vacant buildings, however, there were many thriving businesses.  They are saving their history, as the railroad museum indicates.  There is a business area with many of the common restaurants and businesses that are popular for shopping. We were quite taken with Plant City.



Fran Ellsworth said...

Need to know did you get strawberries? They are so good. I want to go to the antique store. Awesome pictures. Thanks.

Carol said...

Fran, we got strawberries at the local Publix that were wonderful. The festival starts the end of this month, we have not decided if we will go or not. Stay tuned.