Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Antidote For Computer Woes - - Lunch at Clearwater Beach

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Man has been wanting to drive over to Clearwater Beach.  I have been fighting computer woes for a bit over a week.  Frustration is starting to mount (ok, we are past "is starting", and have gone right to, "TOTALLY")

So, today, we decided to take a ride.  We started out, it clouded up.  Then, it rained a bit.  Then, it stopped raining.  Then we got to the beach and there was a bit of high "fog".  (They call it fog here, looks just like sea mist to me, but, that is what they call it.)

We nabbed a parking spot that held Jolly quite nicely and walked back a block to the beach.

It was lunch time, we pretty much stopped at the first place we found, and sat in the sun and the light sea fog.  We had a nice table just across the street from the beach.

After we finished, we started having visitors:

They specialize in fly and run, not hit and run, but, fly and run.  They are fast, they know what they want and are determined to get it:

Seagull to Carol, "Don't get in my way lady, those leftovers are MINE!"

Carol's thoughts on this:  I did not really appreciate the butt in the face action, thank you Mr. or Mrs. Seagull.

Like I said, they don't care about you, just give em the leftovers.

At this point I decided to get up and move on, rather than experience the consequences.  You know, it goes in, it has to come out.

Well, it was an antidote for the computer woes for a few hours.


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