Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Clearwater Beach Florida, Clearwater, Dazzling White Sand, And, Sea Fog/Mist

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Man wanted to see Clearwater Beach, and buy me lunch.  I'm up for that! As we got closer to the beach we noted sea mist, err, fog, as they call it here on the local weather forecasts.

Here we are:  Clearwater Beach:

We drove till we could go no further east and then, drove south.  Captured this whimsical statuary as we slowly rolled through.

Beach Walk, and lots of sea fog.

After lunch, (a bit of which I shared with you previously, here), we walked over to the beach.

This amusing turtle statuary sits atop the feet washing faucets/showers.  There were any number of the turtles seen up and down Clearwater Beach.

Yes, you can rent the cabanas.  I believe they were $25.00 a day, including two nice beach chairs.

There were vacationers and sun worshipers present.  The sand was dazzling white (or would be if the sun had been shining brightly).  It was also easy to walk on so, I was able to walk down the beach some taking photos and enjoying.  At certain vantage points and the sea fog, it is almost as if you have the entire beach to yourselves.

After our beach walk we drove further south along 699/183/Gulf Boulevard, for quite a few miles.  It was interesting to see the types of housing and communities change.  Some high rises, gated communities, some smaller homes.  We spied a number of public access points to the beach, sandwiched in between many structures.  It is a popular and crowded area.

Below:  as we left the beach road just south of Indian Shores. We are headed back to Tana on 694.

I think this photo sums up the beach, sand, cabanas, palm trees, some sea grass and even a few pretty yellow flowers.

Another enjoyable day trip.  And, the lunch was wonderful, even with the seagulls.


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