Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Do a Bit of Road Camping - - Good Grief! - - Really?? - - Well, I Guess So, I Got the Photo

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Just had to share this with you.

Just when I think I may have seen just about everything - - surprise!

This is a normal campsite in the campground we are in right now, grassy sites. With a few areas that have been used enough to create little two tracker drives to each site.

This is a camper who decided his campsite was a pull through, ON the road!  Man says we can take another route out of here tomorrow morning.

There is just NOTHING I can say.  Just about speechless, yes, ole Carol is all but speechless.

This is a first for us and we have been in a lot of campgrounds since 1973 when we started camping in a tent.

Amazing isn't it??


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Joan said...

Nah, just run over them. You have heard of the law of gross tonnage, right. And tana and Jolly have the gross tonnage on their side. LOL -- or maybe not so funny.