Monday, August 19, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Day Trip, On The Way to Lake Tahoe

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April 29, 2013.  Yep, we are almost 4 months behind in the actual visit and the post here on Reflections.

Our day trip, LONG day trip, WONDERFUL day trip, to Lake Tahoe began with scenery in the Gold Country from Jackson California to Placerville California.

Close to Placerville, note that grade!  13% !  WOW!  No, we were not towing Tana, Jolly could have handled this, but, we were glad to have missed the opportunity!

Not long after we started driving 50 heading towards Lake Tahoe the scenery changes dramatically from the rolling hills filled with grasses and trees to, well, pines, more pines and more pines! Elevation about 3,700 feet.

We were passing through the Eldorado National Forest.  Signs, as always, tell so much of the story of the day.  This one says we will be driving some curvy roads for the next 30 miles.  (Ya, I know that 30 miles stuff is out of focus, remember, we are rolling at 55 to 65 MPH and I have little warning, point, shoot, pray the photos come out, maybe, please, well, sometimes!  LOL)

Oh, and watch out for snow removal equipment!  There are many signs along our drive that indicate chains are required in the winter, with pulloffs provided so you can chain up (or remove them, as conditions and altitude change).

We climbed to 5,000 feet, where the scenery is a lot of this, rock, mountain sides, pines, glorious:

And, more snow signs, slides, not rock slides, but, snow slides:

Starting to see snow:

Near 7,300 feet, they are still waiting for the snow to melt from around the cabins.  (This is the sign of toooooo much snow, in my opinion.  When it reaches the windows, that is toooooo much!  GULP!)

At about 7,400 feet, pretty much the highest elevation we reach today, we see the first glance of Lake Tahoe.

Pure stone delight, constantly and always awesome!  Massive, breathtaking, overwhelming!

Welcome to South Tahoe.  Our first up close and personal view of Lake Tahoe, we will have such an interesting visit to the area.  More to come.  Promise!


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Never been to Lake Tahoe. Never even seen pictures of the area. It's beautiful! I'm going to love this series.