Tuesday, August 20, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Lake Tahoe :: The Eclectic Nevada Side

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April 29, 2013. Yep, we are almost 4 months behind in the actual visit and the post here on Reflections.

Lake Tahoe lies in two states, California and Nevada.  As you drive along if you are paying attention you may or may not see the state line sign (tucked in behind the pine tree branches a bit, on the left), but, you will not miss Harrahs.  Sitting RIGHT on the state line, on the legal side for the gamblers.  Man noted a sign about food, and since it was lunch time, we went and found a parking spot and in we went.

Well, the food thing did not work out, but, we did stumble to the top where I got this rather nice photo with my Panasonic camera.  Sony Too was in Jolly.  I have no idea why I left Sony Too in Jolly, cept I was weak of mind for the need of food.  Snicker.

Before we left, still looking for food, I found this sculpture out front.

So, we drove north along the lake looking for a favorable eatery.  Nothing seemed to suit, so, we fell back to plan FOOD, err, LUNCH, err, the picnic lunch we had with us.  We stopped at the Logan Shoals Vista Point.  PERFECT!  I took two photos, left, then right - - -

THEN, I took my most fav photo of the day, the panoramic.  I wish you could see this in person, or at least on my computer, this version just does not do justice.  Really.  Is this spectacular or what??

We found a bench to sit on and had a long, interesting discussion about Lake Tahoe with a local gal who was taking her lunch break as well.  It was a glorious day, and we hated bothering her, in her solitude.  But, she was extremely gracious and shared a bit of her day and her love of Lake Tahoe with us.

Reluctantly we finished our lunch, packed up and headed back south towards California.  Of course, there are always signs, yep bear!

There are several boat lines that will take you for a ride on Lake Tahoe.  We did not get to do this, but, does look like fun.

No, I did not mess up my photos.  This really is a beach at Lake Tahoe, even tho it looks like it could be Lake Superior, or just about anywhere "up north", with the pines along the lake shoreline.  There is a picnic table, that would be a great lunch spot too!

Turn a few degrees and there is snow, water, sand and lounging benches. This is a first for Man and I, snow and sand.  At least in this combo!  LOL

It was about 67 degrees this day, I remember thinking, really??  OK, get the volleyball/beach.  But, I had on a sweatshirt and they were in their swim suits.  Ahh, youth!  LOL  Still makes me smile, bikinis and snow on the mountain in the background.

We found the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe to be eclectic.  And, beautiful.  Sadly, we did not have the time to venture further north, and we know we missed some great views and stops.  Guess we can leave this on the bucket list, for a re-visit.

The Lake Tahoe California experience coming soon!


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C&J said...

Thank you for the photos of Lake Tahoe - we just arrived in uber hot Oklahoma and just looking at the images (especially the panoramic) I feel cooler.