Saturday, August 31, 2013

WHICH Lashbrook is this??

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I recently added a new pay site to my genie research war chest,  I found a discount offer in my email, and since we are home for a bit, I tried, but, I could not resist the offer.

So, as soon as I paid, I started with my most wanted, always the Lashbrook clan.  I found in the first couple of hours, two wedding announcements, and the report of a car accident, wonderful tidbits to add to the database.  (The injuries in the auto accident were serious, but, not fatal.  So glad as Man and I were able to visit this couple many many years later, they were gracious and kind and sharing.  They are now both gone, but we have fond memories of our visit.

Then this morning I found in "The Anaconda Standard", (Anaconda, Montana), 22 February 1903 • Page 2, this little jewel:

"They All Go To Prison

Sopkane, Wash., Feb 21. John Nolan, who attempted to hold up a man named Lashbrook on Main avenue in this city, was sentenced by Judge Richardson this morning to two years in the state prison.  Nolan's excuse was drunkenness.  Carl Heffner and E. F. Williams were sentenced to one year each for stealing goods from freight cars.  They were partners of Lee, who, when arrested, broke away from the officers and leaped into the river and was drowned."

OHHH, which Lashbrook???

Despite the frustration over this particular article, I am excited to review the newspapers offered by  Never can have enough newspaper articles on those ancestors!

* As noted, I have paid for my subscription to this web site.  They did not ask me for a review, I get no freebies, I did have a discounted membership offer, which I greedily took advantage of.  Please see my Disclaimer tab at the top of this blog for more disclaimers.

** I will be reviewing my data base, I have suspects, Mr. Lashbrook, I am hunting ya down.


Fran Ellsworth said...

Love Newspapers! Glad you got this new toy, it is sooooo useful!

Greta Koehl said...

You are lucky - when I see a headline such as this one, my first instinct (especially for my Brinlees) is to think that it was my ancestors who went to prison.... Right now I only have Genealogy Bank, but seeing this, I am tempted....

Charles Hansen said...

Well only one Lashbrook in the 1903 Spokane City Directory:
Lashbrook, Edgar Rooms Hotel Emery

I have a better copy of the article from the Spokane Chronicle. Let me know if you want it.


Carol said...

Thanks Charles for the comment, reading the blog and the great suggestion (the directory).

Also, many thanks for the offer, I am ok with this image, but, that really is very nice of you to offer another.

As far as directories, I never trust the directory of the year stated, as I have found that it usually takes at least one year, if not two for the ancestors to appear in a directory after arriving in the area for the first time. Then there is the publication time, how much was required between the gathering of the information and the distribution?

I'll be checking 1902 and 1904. Thanks for the research theory reminder. Such a great one too!