Sunday, August 18, 2013

Camp Itasca Campground, WHERE?? Nah, I Don't Think So!

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After almost 9.5 months we are back at the stickbuilt.  More on that later.

As I review and clean up photo files and all that good stuff, sometimes I find single jewels, or what I thought were interesting tidbits.  I'll share, here and there.

Today's offering is a photo of my iPad when we were arriving at Camp Itasca Campground, near the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

If you look in the top left corner you will see a little blue shiny dot, just above Lake Itasca and Itasca State Park.  That is where we were, at Camp Itasca, in real time, right then, when I took this photo.

If you look down in the bottom right corner you will see where the RV campground app said it was.  I think it was well over 20 miles away!  Really!

This app allows for corrections.  Yes, I sent one in, from the campground, NOT from where they thought it was.  The correct automatically recognizes you are at a different location than they have in their records.  Very slick actually.

A real bad, err, good, example of how it is not always wise to trust the GPS and the maps and the apps.

When we called this campground for available campsites something told me something was VERY VERY wrong.  I have no idea, but, I was very much on edge and Man strongly suggested (by handing me the phone) that I chat with the work camper who was taking our names to hold our site.  I guess I had good reason to be on edge, my 6th sense and the hairs on the back of my neck told me to double/triple check on the location of this campground.  I am SOOO glad I listened to my screaming intuition.

It was a great little campground, and we totally enjoyed our short visit there.


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