Wednesday, August 7, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Teaser Post

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Man and I are making a run for the money, err, the stick built home.  We are driving hard miles and putting in long days.  We will stop every few days and stay put and rest a bit, then, it will be back on the hard road (as my daddy used to call it, with reason, it is a hard road, hard on the equipment and hard on these ole bodies.)

So, here is a teaser photo, taken from the photo album of my next travel post.  Have any idea where it is?  NOOO, well, stay tuned.  And, yes, there is snow in the mountains and there is a lake down there.

THE Trip,THE Encore' posts will continue for some time.  I have barely begun!  There is ALL that west coast stuff.  More National Parks, mountains, water falls, some flora and fauna.  So much beauty and interesting places to report on.   Coming to a Reflections blog near you.


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