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THE Trip, THE Encore" :: Sutter Creek California

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May 2, 2013.  Actual date of our visit.  Still behind, working on it!

Sutter Creek, also seems to have a few AKA names, per Wikipedia:

"...formerly spelled Sutter's Creek and Suttercreek; formerly named Suttersville..."

Sutter Creek "was named after John Sutter," "Sutter's discovery of gold at nearby Coloma in January 1848 triggered the California Gold Rush."  Yes, indeedy, we are in the heart of gold country!  The population census of 2010 counted 2,501 as residents.

We drove over as we had heard from other MOC Rally attendees that Sutter Creek was a nice place to spend a few hours, and, it was.  We found a spot to park Jolly on a side street and wandered back towards the main street.  We found, long the way, the J. Monteverde General Store Museum, which was not open.  I was able to snap a few photos through the windows.  These wicker covered bottles were unusual to me.

A local gal was out walking and stopped to chat with us.  She was a wealth of information, so proud of her town.  We inquired about lunch, she gave us a few ideas, and after a few minutes of enjoyable chatter, off we went in search of her suggestions.

Lunch outside under umbrellas, roses and lights.  The food was excellent, we did not hurry, it was quite delightful.  Highly recommend Susan's Place.

After lunch we wandered and strolled around town, sometimes we actually wander into a business.  How's this for fun?  This is where we discovered Dryers peanut butter ice cream.  We only found it in one other place, in Seaside Oregon and never discovered it in any grocery stores (not for lack of trying to find it, mind you).  I cannot tell you how yummy that peanut butter ice cream was.  Plain peanut butter.  No chocolate, no peanut butter pieces, just plain PEANUT BUTTER!  (I might have to do a net search on this unavailable situation.)

Man loves the old theaters, so for him, building dated 1919.  (The year his father was born.  Wow!)

Strolling down the street, pretty flowers, great shutters.

Our MOC friends were correct, Sutter Creek was a great little town to spend a few hours in.


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Fran Ellsworth said...

Such a loveley little town with a feel of stepping back in time. Reminds me of our soda shoppe when I was growing up... :)