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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Ione California

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April 30, 2013.  Yes, I am still 4 months behind the actual visit.  (Hear me sigh.)

After our visit to Preston Castle it was time for lunch and a stroll through town.  Ione has more AKA names than I think I have ever seen before, per the Wikipedia article, it was formerly known as - -


"Bed Bug, Bedbug, Freeze Out, Hardscrabble, Ione City, Woosterville, Jone City, Jone Valley, and Rickeyville".

Ione was founded around 1848, in 2010 the population census reported 7,918 souls.

OK, gotta love the library, in the old building.  And, how bout that railing along the second stories??

And, the Masonic Lodge, well kept, first purchased for the Masons in 1884, a plaque, dated 1971, states it was still owned by them in 1971.  The building was originally a hardware store (first floor) with a dance parlor above!

On the City Hall building:

Just behind City Hall, they have a lovely small park area, jam packed with history and a rose garden.  This is Iron Ivan, Old No 7, last steam locomotive to operate over the Amador Central Railroad, 12 (? online sources disagree about the distance) mile long railroad, all within Amador County, one of the shortest railroads in the country (per signage at the display).  The engine was manufactured in 1901, made it's last run in Amador County in 1956.

Dedicated to the Pioneer Men and Women of Ione, erected July 21, 1935.

Carl Vollmer Rose Garden:

I liked how pink and reds seemed to be growing on the same rose bush (is that possible, rose growing friends?)

On another corner in town, the Ione Veterans Memorial Wall and other monuments dedicated to the memory of their war heros:

We found Ione to be delightful and enjoyed our short stroll through town.


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Fran Ellsworth said...

Love the town. Wonderful way to keep it alive and flavorful using the old buildings. Thanks for sharing, I probably will never get there. :)