Sunday, August 25, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Lake Tahoe :: The Stunning California Side

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April 29, 2013. Yep, we are almost 4 months behind in the actual visit and the post here on Reflections.

After experiencing part of what Nevada had to offer, we headed back towards California, they did not hide their state line sign as well as Nevada did.  I mean, if you were paying attention to the stop lights, you just might see the California State Line.

It had been suggested we drive up to "Heavenly".  OK, let's go.  Turns out it is a ski area.  97 runs, 30 lifts between California and Nevada.  4 base facilities. 4,800 acres. Highest elevation of the Lake Tahoe area resorts at 10,067 ft.  OK, I am impressed and I am not a skier.  The area was pretty much shut down, no skiing going on, buildings closed up.

Time to turn our sights on the southern end of Lake Tahoe.  Looking over Jolly's hood, yep, that IS the side of the road and yep, there is a bit of a sheer drop off.  Believe me, after Hetch Hetchy and 120 into Groveland California, this was rather mundane.

At Inspiration Point Vista we parked, and did what all other visitors were doing, walked around the locked gates.  Most of the state park and National park/land/forestry areas simply were not open yet.  It was worth walking around a locked gate or two, the views were spectacular.  This is Fannette Island.  One of the paddle wheelers is leaving Emerald Bay.

According to the signage at Inspiration Point Vista, Lake Tahoe is so clear in some places you can see objects 67 feet below the surface, with no trouble!

Lake Tahoe is the third deepest lake in North America, about 1,600 feet deep.

During the summer surface temperatures can reach 68 degrees, however, the water will remain 39 degrees to depths of 600 feet below the surface.  The water is in continuous motion, mixing the warm with the cooler water, Lake Tahoe never freezes.

Water flowing from Lake Tahoe never reaches the ocean.

Rather amazing facts, aren't they?  Back to seeing what Sony Too saw - -

Looking out over Emerald Bay to Lake Tahoe and snow capped mountains beyond. Emerald Bay is three miles long and one mile wide.

Vickingsholm, was a summer retreat for Lora J. M. Knight.  200 workers built this home, in one season.  With a LOT of help from Sony Too and zoom,  I bring you, Vickingsholm.

Fannette Island, rises 150 feet above the bay.   Mrs. Knight built her teahouse here, it measures 16 foot by 16 foot and was only used a few times a year.

Zoom, thanks to Sony Too.  Wouldn't you just love to be able to have tea here, just once??  SIGH.

Sadly, this was all of the California side of the Lake Tahoe area we had time to see.  We had a very long drive ahead of us to return to camp and the Rally.

I must apologize for the reflections and glare in this next photo, but, I wanted to share.  LOVE this sign, and believe me, you blink and you WILL miss this place!

And, another Bridal Veil Falls.  Doing a bit of research, it seems this is just east of Fresh Pond. It was right along 50 and there was a bit of a pull off.

Our long long day trip to Lake Tahoe was quite remarkable, regrets,  just that there was not enough time, and that the national and state parks along the way were not "open" for business.  Maybe next time - -


Michelle Goodrum said...

Well, well, well. We are a wee bit behind aren't we. That's OK, by the time you get caught up, it will be winter and you will be off on your next adventure. All of us will still be enjoying the summer via your blog posts (and so will you). Snicker, snicker.

Love the picture of the paddle wheel on the lake. And I'm surprised that Tahoe never freezes!

Gini said...

One of my most favorite places to go. Spent many a summers in Tahoe - so so pretty. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, Carol.