Monday, August 26, 2013

Can't Find That Cemetery, Here is a Trick, Icky Warning Attached

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Here is a trick we have used several times when we are out cemetery stomping and cannot find the cemetery.

Find a funeral home (sometimes easier to find than cemeteries are) and ask directions.

Hint: stop at a LARGE funeral home, not the little hole in the walls one, like the one Man spied down in southern Georgia a few years back.   We stopped, I knocked on doors, some were locked, some open, but no one answered a very loud “Hello”.  One door in the back was partially open, only, only, only,

OK, warning: don’t read next part if you are squeamish.

Only, no one answered and we discovered it was the embalming room!


Thankfully room was UNOCCUPIED!!



Fran Ellsworth said...

I always call funeral homes, but have only visited one when I was out. Cool post. :)

irisheyes jennifer said...

Great photo, good idea, and as Fran said, cool post! Glad the room was unoccupied.

Sharon Gillis said...

Do they know about the really old cemeteries, too? Or just the ones they "do business" with?

Carol said...

Sharon, I think that is a one of each?? And, depending on which funeral director you get ahold of?? For example, the funeral director in my grandparent's home town knows where our family cemetery is. They don't bury many up there, maybe a couple each decade, but, they know all about it, how to approach it (sits on a hill), and all that stuff.