Friday, April 13, 2012

My Genie Angel and Mary WHO??

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What an interesting day at the library.  You see, I have this genie angel, she lives around Norfolk, she researches many of the areas I do, she helps me, she gives me heads up on new resources to use in my research, she even does look ups for me.  And, tee hee, she reads Reflections!  (Waving at my genie angel - - HI!!!!)

Anyway, she drove up from Norfolk today to Richmond and we met.  What a nice day I had!  We shared some stories, lunch, and shared files. Well, she shared a LOT more than I did, but, we shared.  (Oh, dear genie angel, I did peak JUST a little tonight, you knew I would, you knew I could not resist!  LOL)

After lunch we both did some research, I went for a long shot on one of the Dews clan I have lots of walls in, yes, the same one as that Chancery case I took all those photos of.  I had a note about a burial in 1932, could that be one of the MIA's??  Yes, indeedy it was!  WAHHHOO.  Even better, it has a maiden name for the mother, who is a MNU in my data base (maiden name unknown).  Now, if I could read that name, eh???

So, dear readers, if you want to take a guess at Mary's maiden name leave comments!

And, dear genie angel, I am working on the Dews now, and thank you SOOOOOOO very much for coming to Richmond, it was so wonderful to meet you in person.  Thank you for being so kind to a fellow researcher, you are good people!



TennLady said...

it's either Edmuns or Eamuns. Or something similar.

Myrna said...

It looks like Eamures or is, but I didn't see a dotted i.

Leah said...

I'm with Myrna, it looks like Eamures to me also.

Sandi said...

Earmuers, or Earmuens, or ??? Wow!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Mercy!! I vote with Eamuns! Tough call, but at least you have narrowed it down to, what, five possibilities!! (smile)

Apple said...

I'd guess Eamuns. (I usually guess wrong) I took a peek at the 1850 census hoping that the name would pop out in a nearby family. No luck but I only went a couple of pages each way and may have had the wrong family as I found Edward & Mary Dues with son James instead of John.

At least you have a new piece of the puzzle, albeit one that is a bit mangled.

Carol said...

Well, our feedback is interesting, and, yes Apple, here is the census brief transcription style:

Edward is found 1850 U.S. Census for Princess Anne County, Virginia as follows: Edward Dues, age 31, farmer; Mary, age 25; James E., age 4; William H., age 2.

John comes along a bit later, 1900 census indicates a 1851 birth, death cert indicates 1854. I just love agreement, don't you??

I have done a bit of prelim input of the spellings offered by my readers, and so far, it ain't looking good. SIGHHH

Onward, not sure where, but, the library is part of it.

Anonymous said...

I see Eanuens. I think it at least starts with EAN.

Jo said...

Terrible handwriting, Carol! Eamersen? Emerson? Eamiers? Sorry, I'm not being much help :-) Jo

irisheyes jennifer said...

Thank goodness for genie angels!

Along with everyone else, I'll take a stab at the surname. My guess is Eamunes. Hope you're able to solve the cursive puzzle (without too much cursing).


Lynne Carothers said...

Eamuns or Eamures would be what I think it might be. Time for wild card searches, eh?

What a great day you had!

Katie O. said...

I would call it Eamieres or Eamures. Best of luck finding out!