Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not All RVing Days Are Created Equal, The Dead Pine and More

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Now and then, when we have a rough day on the road, or getting set up, or whatever, while living this RVing life, I have and will continue to post articles that are along the line of, "Not All * * * * Are Created Equal.".

Today was one of those days.

And, since I am hoping to get into the Library of Virginia tomorrow, I don't have a lot of time, so, here we go:

1.)  Extension aluminum ladder in road, dropped just before we came upon it, it covered part of the center lane, and a LOT of our outside right hand lane.  Man hit the skids, err, brakes, and managed to run around it on the shoulder and never hit it.  To have hit it would have been very very bad news for Jolly and Tana.  By the way, this is our second ladder encounter, the last one was well over 20 years ago on a 4 to 6 lane highway somewhere in the state of New York, that one he managed, somehow, to straddle, again, not hitting it at all.  Pity the 10 or more cars that had and were on the side of the expressway about 1/4 mile from there.

2.)  Motor cycle looses some gear, in the road.  This was in the center lane, we saw them a few moments later parked on the side of the road, shaking their heads in disbelief, deciding what to do about this nastiness.  There was no issue of our missing the gear, thankfully.

3.)  Mr. MH Q, passes sorta, cuts us off.  Close call.  I will not throw around countries, states or heritages, but, this guy was driving a larger motor home, with a toad (towed car) and tried to pass us. He either did not have enough OOOOMPPPPHHH to do so, or he was just stupid??  He barely got around us and pulled in front of us, either slowed down or just could not drive any faster, he forced Man to apply brakes, and caused some angst and a bit of nasty language from Man. Man  stomped on the accelerator, passed Mr. MH Q, and left him in the dust with a toot of the horn and a bit more nasty name calling.  There is little that Man hates worse than someone pulling in front of him, cutting him off, coming close to his truck (and he felt the same way  with Big Butt, in fact, with any car/truck/vehicle he drives.  Gotta say, Jolly had all the power required to leave Mr. MH Q in the dust.

4.) Dead pine tree in the campground, discovered after we are partially set up.  Not just any pine tree but a better than 60 foot tall specimen.  There were dead branches laying around at the back of that campsite, we had to back Tana in, and were about 4 inches from that dead tree.  Translation, any more wind or storms blow through here while we are here for about a week, something could fall on us.  When I realized how this tree was DEAD (when I finally looked UP), I asked Man, mmm, is our insurance paid up??  What I wanted to say is, mmm, my desk is like 18 inches from the trunk of that dead 60 plus foot tall pine tree.  And, my bed is sorta close too.  I did not need to point out the obvious, he looked it over, turned a bit green (that tree could have used some green, eh), and said, nope, won't do.  We were able to switch to another campsite, and the work camper let it be known that he has informed the owner that he needs to remove that tree and several others, and the owner has ignored them. I do believe that KOA will be hearing from me.  Photo taken after we had pulled Tana away from that dead tree, about 10 foot or more away.

5.)  ROUGH roads, resulting in frayed nerves and dishes moved around in the cupboards and the telie came loose a bit from the 15 inches of super duper wide velcro strips that help hold in it (one side only.)  We are still carefully opening cupboards, no real harm done, just need to be careful opening cupboards and beer, especially the beer!

Below:  Pine stuff and pollen, this guy in the next campsite, HAD a black truck, it is now yellow.

Oh, and there is this little issue of pine pollen, which I am mildly allergic too.  Whew!  I won't even try to convey the condition of the fur kids coats, the dust bunny long show coat style hair now filled with pine pollen stuff.

Ohhh, and we have been playing hard, Jolly has filthy floors, filled with sand and some gravel, and those pine pollen thingys with a few long pine needles here and there, just for some variety.  Woot, Jolly is dirty, could not be happier, means we are doing something and Jolly is involved.  Woot!!

No more time to edit, it is what it is, and what it is, is time to get prepared for the research days ahead.  Ya, glad this RV day is over, cause not all RVing days are created equal.



Karen said...

Yep, sounds like time for an adult beverage or six. :) You were much kinder to the guy who cut you off than he deserved... hopefully he was just having a brain cramp and learned his lesson. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a much better one. :)

Terri O'Connell said...

When I was a child, most of our vacations were via an RV. I miss those days...

PalmsRV said...

But on the bright side, you may be going to the Library of Virginia tomorrow! Haven't had the ladder experience -- yikes! Our moving day is tomorrow and I'll be on the look out for ladders, motorcycles and dead trees. Cathy @ palmsrv

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Never had the ladder experience, either. (thank you Lord!) That is scary! And given the storms we've all been experiencing, avoiding the pine was definitely a Must!

Keep us posted! I'm traveling vicariously through you!

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Sounds like you needed to relax but maybe with wine and not exploding, foaming beer! A harrowing day you had indeed. Glad all turned out well!