Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Well, I can hardly believe it, today was another fabulous day.

Well it was after the campground got the water running.  We did some reality day cleaning, Tana got swept, dishes and lunch done, took showers and then - - - - -

I got a message that blogger Cynthia Shenette of Heritage Zen was going to be able to make a short meetup we had been hoping to pull off.  We had been fiddling with times and days and every time we thought we had something worked out, ooops, little flaws in the plan popped up.  I am not sure how she managed it, but she got hubby to take their son downtown Richmond to a favorite museum after he had dropped her off at the local truck stop near our campground (now, don't you laugh at us, we worked hard to make this work!  LOL)

After another small trip-up, we found each other and spent a couple of fab hours sharing, laughing, talking, table researching, just enjoying ourselves.

We had a great time, and I have to say, that the last 3 days have been so much fun I am not even going to try pinching myself.  First my special genie angel, then our friends Kim and Steve here at the park and Renate of Into the LIGHT, and now Cynthia.

I am outta words of delight, so I'll fall back to something some of the gals say on Google + when they are super delighted:


Thank you all so very much for making this an 'over the top', special, memory laden week. I will remember it for a very very long time.

Ya, over and over again:


Tomorrow is my last research day here in Richmond. Tuesday it will be time to head this gang north to the Shenandoah Valley.  In another week or so, we will head back to SE Michigan, our winter escape of 2011-12 coming to an end.  It has been quite the winter.




Michelle Goodrum said...

OK, I am squealing too. Truck stop or wherever, it's awesome.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Carol - It really was great fun meeting you and Man! I enjoyed our conversation very much, and my husband and son had a great visit to the Science Museum of Richmond! It was a win/win all around!

Jasia said...

How delightful! I'm so happy that you guys were able to get together. I only wish I could have been there too! This is one of your best photos, Carol. You ladies look terrific!

Ginger Smith said...

So sorry to have missed you while you were in NC. Hope you have a safe trip back to MI. I hope it has warmed up there for you now!