Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy 1940 Hunting and Indexing

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Today IS the day.  It has been talked about and talked about some more.

So, lets keep this as simple as possible.

Today the 1940 census hits the net.

Let the indexing begin!

If you are going to index, they say these will be the first states available, starting, we hope, this evening:


I think I will try to nab a few Virginia pages myself, how bout you??

Good luck to all, and happy indexing! Thanks for your help.

THE place to help:  the

* Disclaimer, as a 1940 census ambassador there are contests and gifts and all that.  It has been a busy week, and so, I will fess up, I do not know if there are contests this week, and if there are some what they are, shame on me.  So, if there is a contest and I am entered, then, I have informed you of same. Ya, I know a lousy disclaimer, sorry.


Marti said...

I am sooo disappointed. I looked like night and parts of TN are on it, but not the county I wanted to see. And I really wanted TX on there too. I am just not very patient.

Jan Kelpe said...

I have done one from VA and one from KS. some of the informaiton on these pages are interesting to read. I am anxious for NE.