Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Am Blessed, Friends Everywhere

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Yesterday it was my genie angel, it was such a wonderful day, did I tell you how much I enjoyed it??  Yea, I did.

Last night I got back to Tana and found that RVing friends Kim and Steve (full timers originally from Alaska) were in THIS very campground.  No, we did not plan it, it just happened.  WOOT!  Man and I always enjoy visiting with them, and I get to blame Steve for pushing Man over the cliff with regards to a certain truck purchase, yeap, Steve gets some of the blame too, err, thanks, for our purchasing Jolly.

And, today, at the end of a normal research day (means, I was tired, hot, frustrated from the misses and elated from the hits), I was giving up the reader/scanner, heading back to my computer to review what I had when I almost literally ran into blogger Renate, from Into the LIGHT.   Renate and I have had several wonderful discussions, she resides near Norfolk and has given me some insight into the area now and then.  She is a delightful gal, we were both so surprised to see each other.  A truly delightful few minutes.  She was grabbing a couple of certs and was due at the symphony and I was running to meet Man at the front steps of the library, we probably could have chatted for hours, but only had those few minutes.  Delightful minutes.

I tell you, I am one blessed gal this week!  I put some chinks in the Dews brick wall and have friends falling out of the woodwork!  Or something like that!  LOL.  Enjoy the symphony Renate, I am so glad I almost ran into you and we met like that.

Blessed and fun!

I did indeed work some today on that Dews clan, I found the death certificate for another brother, Robert Lee Dews, read it and weep folks, mother, DK, as in "Don't know".  RATS!

Another sibling, a sister, died 10 months after the records stop in this collection.  Another brother, John, disappears from the records after 1900, a non-reporting time for many vitals in Virginia.  Another sister, Mary who married William J. Banks, also disappears, after the 1880 census, I want to review her research, it has been a while since I looked for her or hubby William.  Elizabeth, yet another sister, married Franklin Creekmur, and she goes MIA after about 1880, I have traced Franklin a bit further. I even have a suspect death date for her, in June of 1898, again, no death record has been found.

I found a few other records that I scanned while I had them in the scanner.  I also found a marriage for a great uncle that I was unaware of, ooooooooooo Henry!

I will spend some hours over the next 24 hours reviewing what I have and what I would like to still find.  I have pretty much given up on obits here, the papers are here, but the process is time consuming, no open stacks.  I may chat about that in a future blog.

But, right now, I am gonna relax a bit (I hear ya snickering, I know, it probably won't happen, but, I need to try!  LOL).

The blessed one is gonna go spoil the fur kids, later - - -



Dorene from Ohio said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I am jazzed reading about your day! Hope the fur kids were too! LOL

Barbara Poole said...

Everybody in your clan must be happy. Glad to read about your meeting Renate, goodness you've met so many bloggers.

Renate said...

Carol, I'm still amazed at how that happened! I tweeted about it, but didn't do a post (yet). I'm so behind in writing, who knows when it'll make it onto Into the LIGHT. My one regret is that we didn't take a picture! How in the world did we (not) let that happen?

I'm so glad we met, my genea-friend. Don't forget to email me if you still need that info from Norfolk.

Oh, and now when I close with my usual, "Hugs", you can remember that you got a couple of real ones! :)