Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tip, What Happened to the Event Numbers

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While researching at the Library of Virginia I went looking for documents, marriage records, death records, a few obits and miscellaneous other records.

One such record I decided to make a copy of was for a great uncle. I did not have a copy of his marriage record.  Actually, I did not even have the date of his marriage, or place.  I did find his name on the index to marriages.

The index said it was, for example, record # 350 in 1913.   There was no date other than the year, 1913. I pulled the film and then discovered, that the record numbers were cut off the pages.  The column to the far left is supposed to be the record numbers.  See, the column was chopped off, SIGH.

Ok, I will admit it, this frustrated me a LOT!  I was not about to do a line by line search for this marriage record, I did not want the image or the date THAT badly.  I looked at lots of pages, there were no record numbers anywhere.

So, I had a little brainstorm, how many records per page??  Counting them, I discover, for the most part that a page has about 35 records per.

I divided, found the record should be on page 10, went to page 10, and guess what, there he was!

My hint(s), always look for another way, the easy way if possible, and counting records per page might just help.



PalmsRV said...

That was a great research tip! Cathy @ palmsrv

Ginger Smith said...

Carol, sounds like you used your head and found a great way around an heavy obstacle. Way to go!