Sunday, November 27, 2011

THE Trip, Park City Utah

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The second day trip that Man and I and Becky (Kinexxions) took while we were staying (researching at the mecca) in Salt Lake City was to Park City Utah, WAYYYY up in Park City Utah, elevation between 6900 and 10,000 feet per several Wikipedia articles.  You might remember the name Park City as a 2002 Winter Olympics Venue Host City.  Our day trip was on June 1, 2011.

First call of duty when we arrived in Park City was lunch.  We ate on the outskirts of town and then downtown we went, where we found these "shoe trees".  According to a reader, the tree(s) have been there well over 20 years and part of the page reads:  "A tree decorated with shoes, hanging by their laces, tossed by who knows."  According to a recent news article from the Salt Lake Tribune (online), me thinks that more than a few locals feel very emotional about the shoe trees on both sides of the argument, ugly vs the spirit of PC.

There was more than folk art in Park City, there were flowers and sculpture too.

Below, look closer at that bear's arms, a couple of butterflies have come to visit.

After our stroll around downtown Park City taking in the beautiful spring bulbs and the eclectic sculptures and some great stores we climbed back into Big Butt and went further up into the hills.  The higher we went in elevation the more snow we found, LOTS more snow.

Below, almost looks like a glacier doesn't it??

Below, look at that deep snow on those roofs!  They had up to 4 times the normal snow fall the winter before and they were skiing around the Salt Lake City area well into July.

8454 feet, another glacier, errr, more deep snow, and the end of the road.

For Becky's take on our day trip to Park City Utah, visit her post.  She was very taken with the Moose, and has some special photos of the bear statue as well.  You'll see.



Kathy Reed said...

It is graphics heavy, but absolutely one of your most impressive posts (among many). Have you ever considered linking your post for Mosaic Monday on This post would be perfect.

Susan Clark said...

Wonderful post! I love the images and your use of collages here. And I love the glaciers aka snow drifts.

Carol said...

Thank you Kathy, for the comment and sending me the corrected URL for Little Red House blog.

Thank you Susan, Yes, the "glaciers" were pretty interesting, for June 1st. At the stick built in SE Michigan by June 1st we are well into the annual flowers, the tulips and spring bulbs are well done. Gotta say, I enjoyed doing spring over and over again as we traveled north! LOL

Karen said...

As always, awesome shots and interesting facts and places!

Carol said...

Thanks so much Karen.