Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Flipside and Reflections Both Got Little Bity Bees

It is Wordless Wednesday, which means that Linda, of Flipside, and Moi of Reflections, play our little photo challenge.

Today Linda posted 3 lovely photos of Sulphureum Bicolor Barrenwort, the last photo has this little bity bee in it.  Good catch Linda.

Reflection's response:

At the stick we have about 3 acres of lawn we mow.  We have quite a collection of bushes, and trees.  When we were designing the yard we purposely left bushes planted by Mother Nature.  This is one of those.  I have never heard the name of this particular bush, common or botonical.  The blooms are 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter and are sweet smelling, the bees, of all sizes love this bush, as you can see.

*Ya, I know, NOT wordless.  Again, I fail at wordless.

**My photos were taken the weekend of May 16th.

***Oh, and stay tuned, something new in the works for Reflections. 

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence


IrishEyes said...

Hey, if you didn't give us the words, we'd spend Wednesday puzzling and puzzling until our puzzlers are sore . And..."something new in the works"? I love surprises. Cheers! Jennifer

lindalee said...

I do have to admit that my ity bity bee was a surprise to I didn't see it until the photo was up on my screen. What delicate flowers this particular bush has. And I have some dead nettle....maybe that should be next weeks challenge. I'll have to go look to see if it is still flowering. Love you new blog.