Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Reflection's Pond - Mirror Images

For this week's Wordless Wednesday, Linda from Flipside offers "Mirror Images", three great photos. Go have a look her photos, the one with the duck is fabulous.  Her photos just get better and better every week.

Man and I have a pond on the property at the stick built.  It is a natural hole in the ground formed by glaciers.  It is fed by rain and snow, no stream, no underground spring.  During years of drought it has dried up to less than 4 feet in diameter.  At the most, during a very wet year, we believe it was about 135 feet across.  Right now the pond is about 125 feet across, and is rather clear, in a few weeks, it will be covered with algae and green it will be!  Since it is clear, well, sorta clear, I was able to get a photo with a mirror image.

A mirror image from Reflection's Pond:

*As usual, Carol's Wordless is not quite!  LOL

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TennLady said...

Apparently you don't understand the concept of Wordless Wednesday.:) That's why I don't do wordless Wednesday, too much to say!

Carol said...

Bingo, thus the disclaimer line in the middle of the sig line.

I am thinking from now on, maybe a title something like: Wordy Wordless Wednesday. LOL

lindalee said...

Like yours better. That is some pond...and in your yard. WOW You have all that woodsy area surrounding your cool is it. And you're right...very difficult to be wordless on wednesday....sometimes I print it on the photo so i can still stay wordless...haha