Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Many Photos, Whats a Gal to do??

I just know you already have guessed.  Yep, design a new outlet, errr, blog, for the excess.

It seems I have become addicted to my camera. I cannot leave the house without it, errands to run, no matter, take it with me, I might find something real interesting on the way to the store. 

If I don't take the camera, for sure something catches my eye and I either miss the opportunity, or I go get the camera and return for my photo.  That is not too bad till there is over 1/2 mile between camera and photo op.  Ya, I went and got the camera, returned for photo, and walked back to the truck.  Went from a 1 mile walk to 2 miles.  Tis ok, I need the exercise! 

Lately when I download my photos I go, ooooo, would love to use that one, ooooo, there is another, and another and  - - - - -

And, I love sharing them here at Reflections, but there really are too many.  What to do??

Thunderbolt, idea, why not???  How bout, this way, nope, that way, nope, what way??

And, thus is born, Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  Oh, yea, another blog!  Currently dubbed an experiment, subject to change as I tweak the colors, the ideas, the project.

Shown here, the bud stage of my "so dark purple it's almost black" iris.  A photo (or two) of the bloom fully open can be found on the new blog. 

I hope you will join me over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  Don't fret, you will still see some flowers here at Reflections, but Flora and Fauna will allow me to share more.

*I am as much surprised at this new blog as you might be, I never intended to split up my life, err blog.  Gosh, one never should say never.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

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lindalee said...

Your new blog will be as big a hit at this one, Carol. Congratulations on both. BTW--I think I am addicted to my camera