Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reflection's Week in Revue, the Critters

The gozlings are growing, they are at least twice the size they were at birth.  Here are mom and baby, who still has a bit of yellow around his head, down by the edge of the pond.  Ya, I know, you cannot see the water in this photo.

This cute little guy/gal paid a visit last night, he/she shall remain cute as long as he/she stays out of my flower beds.  He is about 6 foot from the edge of the flower bed, about 10 foot from the window.   I shot this from inside that window.  (I had to do some heavy duty adjusting/tweaking to this photo to get it sharp/in focus.)

And, who says an old dog cannot learn new tricks??  This is Gallagher, aka, Mr. G, sitting on one of my end tables!  He has NEVER done this before.  Maybe the bright late evening sun shining in was more than he could resist??  You can see, he was lying right IN the sun.

*Coming soon, more Iris photos.  My almost black but really a deep purple is starting to bloom, as well as some of the others in the Iris flower bed.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence


Joan said...

I love your photos! You are really very good -- I wish I had your skill, patience or whatever it takes. Thanks for sharing --- I have been watching the Canada's and their babies down at the lake when I run my dog. Their babies are now at the gangly stage -- not quite as cute.

Greta Koehl said...

Beautiful photos. And I think I'm in love with Mr. G. He knows when he's got a good thing going, just like our cats.

Barbara said...

Joan, I wish I had her photo skills as well. Carol, I love your darling garden pals. All we ever get are skunks, squirrels and groundhogs.