Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Shell Banks Cemetery, Fort Morgan, Baldwin County, Georgia

This cemetery is steeped in history,  a nice summary can be found on the Find A Grave site for this cemetery.  I found so many interesting stones and stories here that I will take two posts to share them all.  In no particular order, but interesting to me:

Hazel R
July 27, 1923
June 12, 2001
(I just love the angels on each side of her monument.)

So touching, three children's handprints and their names inscribed at the end of this ledger stone.  Believe the names are Mickey, Kyle and Susy.  They are at the end of the ledger for:
Jack Lee Woods
World War II
May16, 1929 - Oct 22, 1999

In Loving Remembrance of
My Husband
Oliver L Todd
May 14, 1881
Was Drowned
Sept. 27, 1906

Who are Mr and Mrs. Hamilton?

Mary Ewing
Wife of George Ewing
Born 1854
Died 1899
(If you look at the bottom left of the handmade monument, you can see where this stone was made or dedicated in May of 1952.)
Man and I both just loved the use of marbles on this hand made memorial.

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IrishEyes said...

Hi Carol, Oh my goodness, the handprints of the children gave me a catch in my throat. Thanks for sharing these photos. Cheers! Jennifer p.s. Keep holding on by that golden thread.

Karen said...

Oh my... very touching stones, especially the hand prints of the little children and the homemade monument. I love grave stones like these. Great post, Carol.

Joan said...

We just keep reaping the benefits of your Tana tour. These are interesting and poignant gravestones. Thanks.

TennLady said...

I have never seen anything like that ledger stone with the handprints.

Southwest Arkie said...

I just love your photos Carol. Thanks for sharing!