Friday, May 28, 2010

This 'n That, From Reflections, Summer Heat, Slinking, Coffee and Thanx

Summer arrived in lower Michigan this week.  WOW, did it ever.  So, all week I have been getting up early  so I can try to get the outside work done before the heat builds.  (Yep, ole, "I don't do mornings", up and at em early, it is NOT a pretty sight!)

Yesterday I had the day planned, early cemetery stomp on the other side of the county, early to try to beat the heat.  Then errands, banking, vet stop, lunch, grocery run.  Good plan, except I got more than half way across the county only to discover, no purse, which meant of course, no driver's license, no $$, no credit cards.  And, it meant as soon as the cemetery stomp was over I would slink my way back to the stick built hoping none of our finest would cross my path and feel the need to stop me.  Slinking is a bit difficult when you are driving Big Butt, but, slink I did, under the radar, and sighed relief at the sight of our drive.

So, back home, I decided it was too hot and I was in no mood to go back out and drive 20 miles back to town (county seat) to do all these errands, so, guess what I am doing today?  This time I will be double sure I have not only my camera, but the purse as well. After my coffee, but of course!

Want to thank Jennifer over at 'On a flesh and bone foundation': An Irish History, for the shout out for the new experiment, Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  By the way, Jennifer writes a mighty fine blog herself which touches me, deep in my soul, I don't have a lot of Irish heritage, but, her blog talks to me. 

Coffee cup is empty, where is my purse??  Those errands are screaming my name.

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TennLady said...

What a way to ruin a day, eh?

Carol said...

Actually, it turned out for the best. I went to 2 towns, 2 groceries, 3 places that sold flowers and such, scored some lovely plants, some even on sale. It was not near as hot today, I was rested and not cranky. I am sure I was more productive today than I would have been yesterday after stomping in that heat. That no purse thingy tho, did put me outta my comfort zone! LOL

Greta Koehl said...

Summer has just hit us hard here in Virginia, too. Takes me less than 15 minutes to wilt from the heat, and the gnats are ferocious. Gardening has to be done little bits at a time.