Friday, May 7, 2010

Anniversary Observances, Butts and Lovely, err, Lasore, err, Laseur

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This is the Marriage Affadivit for Daniel Butts and Mary Lasore, err, Laseur, errr, Lovely.  (Her name is always a question mark, bad handwriting on documents, and it changes.  Hers is a LONG LONG story.  You may remember I mentioned her in this post, Tombstone Tuesday, Mary A Lashbrook, back in October 2009. Mary, err, MOMM - Mary of Many Marriages)

So, this is a second marriage for both Daniel and Mary.

Daniel was born about 1833 in Geauga County, Ohio to Joel and Mary E. (Churchill) Butts.  His first wife was Elisabeth Richardson; We are not quite sure what happened to Elisabeth, some day we will do some more work/research on her, review and redo.

Mary's first husband was Moses Lashbrook, we know they were divorced.  I have copies of those divorce papers and court cases and such, thanks to friend and fellow MOMM researcher, Michelle.   Interesting does NOT describe it.  Stay tuned, I am sure at some time in this blog I shall write more and more about MOMM, she is quite the number.

Daniel and Mary were married in McHenry County, Illinois on May 7, 1863 (remember, the graphic is the Affadavit, taken out the day before, marriage license and return are also in my possesion).  By 1869 we find records for them in Iowa.  Twigs, well, actually, entire branches of the Butts and Lashbrook clans moved to Iowa together.  They settled in Bremer, Butler and surrounding counties. 

Daniel and Mary were enumerated on the Waverly, Frederika Township, Bremer County, Iowa in 1870.  In 1871 we find a land transfer from Daniel and Mary, his wife to E. A. Kelsey.  This is the last sighting I have of Daniel recorded in my data base.

By 1872 we find Mary getting hitched up again, number 3 in her long line of marriages. She is found with hubby # 3 on the 1880 census.

Daniel and Mary had three children:  Annis or Anice L., Olive or Eve, and Thomas Oscar.

A marriage anniversary that is just a small piece of the puzzle of the story of Daniel Butts and Mary Lovely, errr Lasore, errr Laseur, errr MOMM.

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