Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hurry Up of Spring, Michigan Style

Man and I have been back at the stick built in Michigan for 17 days, give or take, just a bit over 2 weeks.  The flowers and shrubs have been hurrying right along, forsythia in full bloom when we arrived, now, past prime.  Daffodils, just about finished for the year. No tulips when we got home, my 3 sad loners have since popped up and have been blooming every day since.  My wild violets have gone wild!  The flowering crabs bloomed too, one in the front yard was probably as pretty as it has ever been. 

I have been taking photos of some of the plants in the different stages of bloom.  Got this idea from Linda at Flipside, who posted a Wordless Wednesday one week of a flower from bud to full bloom.  Neat idea Linda, thanks!  I created a couple of collages with the best of the best.

Above is my Korean Spice.  The photo top left was taken on the 20th of April.  Bottom right, yesterday.  Middle, today.  Now, if I could only share the scent!  Heavenly!

Above, (ya, I know, not a collage) is my white star magnolia.  Both the white and pink star magnolias were sparse on the blooms this year.  The pink is such a pale pink that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Above, the other collage.  Bleeding hearts, top left was taken April 14th, top right was taken April 20th and the large photo, taken with the macro lens was taken April 29th.

Yep, spring is moving fast round here. 

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Joan said...

Very nice. You seem to have a green thumb.

lindalee said...

HA....bleeding hearts....I have those, too. Have even taken photos....maybe that should be an upcoming WW.