Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Shell Banks Cemetery, Fort Morgan, Baldwin County, Georgia, Part 2

More interesting monuments and memorials found at Shell Banks Cemetery, Baldwin County, Alabama. Also see my post here.

First up, two men obviously loved and admired, and accomplished as well.

Devoted Husband
And Father
Officer and a
Gentleman & Phd'

Beloved Husband Father
And Grandfather
(If you look closer you will see he was a
US Treasury Special Agent and a
Member of the Fraternal Order of Police)

Above: This Daughter of the Confederacy
marker was found on the plot of
Genevieve Courtney
Jan 14, 1914 to March 18, 1980

Above: No concrete ledger here,
one made of bricks and shells instead.
Monument reads:
In Memory Of
Joseph L. Strong
Mar 23, 1890
Jun 25, 1892

Above: Believe this to be the marker for a burial,
but I do not know for whom.
The silk poinsetta blooms are tucked between two sea shells.
Man spotted a small reptile who had claimed one of these shells as a good hiding place.

Barbara A. Ewing
(Nearby is Harold F. Ewing, his marker is identical, yes, wood,
appears to be a 4 X 4, names painted on, and fading.)

Above, Cinderella Hanson.
Love her name, so sad, only 4 years old.

Our Little
(Note: Nothing more is known by this blogger about Bradley.)

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