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THE Trip, THE Encore’ :: Monterey To Big Sur, Riding the 1

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Warning, this post is graphics heavy! Hope you enjoy!

April 17, 2013

We had driven the 1 from Morro Bay to Big Sur Post Office, today we will drive from Monterey to Big Sur Post Office.

This photo of this beach has not been color corrected in any way, most of the photos on this post are the color I saw and the color straight from Sony Too.  Isn’t that just incredible?

Man and I took a little walk.

Panoramic still cannot show how beautiful.

Splash capture:

Yellow wild flowers, turquoise blue water, rocks, cliffs, splash, even a hint of a fence in the lower right corner.  All the things we love.

Two stairways to the beach.

More splash, looking north:

Looking south:

Bixby Bridge, Built in 1932

Does this guy have a view or what?

Don’t think he will be using this stair way for some time to come.

Looking back, the house, the stairs, the bridge, the water, oh, you get it, right??  Heaven!  Just a piece of heaven!

Point Sur Naval Facility

Sony Too zooms in:

Super zoom, the light house.

Looking down a steep embankment, another house with a spectacular view:

Sandy beach, a stream meandering to the Pacific.

Big Sur River Inn, where we had our lunch, a tailgater picnic.

Yes, this chair is IN the river, imagine, sitting with your feet dangling in the water, a drink in your left hand, a good novel (or reading matter of your choice) in your right hand (you are permitted to switch the drink to the right, hand, the novel to the left).


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Cynthia Shenette said...

Sigh. One of my favorite restaurants is in that area, Nepenthe. You get that view with lunch! :)