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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Carmel By The Sea, California

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April 15, 2013

After our very enjoyable drive around the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach, we continued south to Carmel By The Sea.

We found one way streets, narrow, not the best place for Jolly, so, we just drove through.  To us, Carmel By The Sea is all about the houses and the sea.  There were many little bungalows all decked out in gardens, flowers, small, cute, closely placed to each other.  No photos of this charming area.

There are beaches for walking, contemplating life or just getting some exercise:

In another area we found much larger homes, such as this one with this unusual curved roof.  Those are not shadows, those are curves.  I decided to do a bit of a net snoop about this roof and found this page, which indicates Hugh Comstock built one that is similar, and that the roof on the Comstock home is made of cedar shingles that were steam-bent to curve.  Well who knew?  Not I.  Believe that I had Man snap this photo with Jolly stopped in the middle of the street.

Here is another house on another street with a similar roof line:

Turquoise water, bright sun, and Pride of Maderia in the foreground:

Some homes have killer views, and very little lawn to cut:

Another wonderful view, all that turquoise water.

More beaches, wind swept trees.  And, I am out of descriptive phrases and terms.

We are not done sight seeing in the area, but, it will be another day that we return and travel from here south to the Big Sur Postoffice.

* I cannot be positive, but suspect that at least one of these trees might be Monterrey Cypress.

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Barbara Poole said...

Lovely photos, I'm sure you'll look back on that day you were there with fond memories. I was there so long ago, and it's almost like yesterday.