Saturday, July 13, 2013

From a Loving Volunteer, Bless Our Volunteers

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I was recently contacted by a volunteer over at The Ships List.  Yes, she contacted ME!  That alone deems many kudos.  Bless our volunteers that go way above the call of duty.

Seems she does a bit of snooping on online genie forums looking to match up information the The Ships List with old queries.  She wrote me a tentative type email, like, mmm, is this email still viable.  Well, yes, it is.

She then sent me the link to the manifest of the  St. Lawrence - 2nd trip up, Quebec to Montreal, May 11th 1831 ... left at 11 o'clock P.M.  Line 77! Richard Lashbrook and family.

The numbers and the ages match up fairly well, the destination and time frame work fairly well.  I will continue to review this, but, it may be this is Man's g-g-g-grandfather and family making their way from Devon England to Clinton County New York.

Something I never expected to find.

Bless our volunteers.  Thank you Susan!  Tis great work you do!

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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

What a Godsend! What a blessing! What a great volunteer work!

I hope everything ends up fitting!!!

Then you can do a Genealogy Happy Dance for sure!