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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Iron Door Saloon, Groveland California, Where You Go AFTER Hetch Hetchy!

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April 21, 2013 NOTE THE DATE! Reflections is almost 3 months behind the real time visits.

After our exciting visit and drive in and out of Hetch Hetchy we headed back to Groveland.  The Iron Door Saloon came highly recommended, as in, YOU MUST NOT LEAVE the area before you visit!

Operating since 1852?  Yep, that is what the menu says.  You can read what they have to say about their history, here.

Ceilings can be fascinating, this bellows is huge!!

Sitting at the table waiting for our burger, I shot a photo of the ceiling.  Yep, that is money up there.  The process involves thumb tacks and bills all crumpled and wadded up and tossed hard.  Every now and then, they take all the money off the ceiling and donate it to charity.

Look close, I'll bet you can figure out why I took this photo.  I do so love West Virginia.  I have deep roots there, well, at least back to 1863, eh?? Before that, my roots were in Virginia.

Love this explanation of the name, blatantly borrowed from the web site of the Iron Door's web site.

"The establishment was renamed "The Iron Door Saloon" after the hefty iron doors which had been hauled in on mule back across the Tuolumne River by way of Wards Ferry. These iron doors were manufactured in England and broung around the tip of South America by sailing ship and sold to the saloon as a fire protection device. The idea was that if the town was burning, you just shut the doors and waited it out."

Here is one of the doors.

Oh, and the burger was outta this world, and the beer was pretty good too.

*  The disclaimer, the Iron Door did not ask us to review them.  We were a paying customer.  We had a great burger, a few brews and a nice time.  See my disclaimer page at the top of the blog.


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