Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: THE Drive of THE Trip, Part 2, 59 and the 140, Getting to Mariposa

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April 19, 2013.  NOTE the date!!!

This portion of the day's drive was fairly uneventful, still I found fun and interesting things to photograph.

We driving on 59 and 140 from Merced to Mariposa. (See map below.)

I loved seeing "Yosemite" on the GPS.

This bridge with the narrow roadway was only one of the "road hazzards" we would face during today's ride.  This was pretty narrow and there were some words whispered from the driver, we really don't want to know what those words were, eh??

I love barns, don't you??  So, we have barns and we have cattle and we have a nice photo:

And, we have stories, quieted, haunting us.  Oh, to hear the stories that were told around this fireplace chimney or perhaps it was a cook stove chimney.  What are your stories?

Really, you just never know what you will see along the roadside.  I miss photographing so many of these wonderful American quirky fun things.  This one just made me smile.  Sitting out here by the road, for no apparent reason.  Just there.  Making me smile:

Another great barn, maybe a barn calendar? I have quite a few barn photos.  Yep, love them barns! And this photo even has a bit of fence.

At Mariposa we turn from 140 and it's northeasterly direction to 49 which runs northerly with a bit of a west flair.  We are zig zagging our way to Yosemite.  

Yes, indeedy, at the intersection of 140 and 49, the FUN begins!  Jolly will show off his stuff!  49 is SOME ride!  Which I will show you next!


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