Friday, July 26, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Groveland California to Jackson California

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April 24, 2013, NOTE THE DATE! Reflections is almost 3 months behind the real time visits.

Sadly, we are leaving Yosemite behind.  Excitedly, we are heading to Jackson California for a Montana Rally.  We will be visiting gold mining country, there are Sequoias to see and we will even make a LONG day trip to Lake Tahoe.

Today's ride is about signs (every time we get in the mountains, signs become very important), some small quaint towns, water, and, barns.

Have to say when I see the truck (represented by that blue vehicle) going sideways, I have to take a second gander.  NO, we were not going sideways, we were fine.  It is just an allusion created by the GPS and the scale shown.  Need to adjust that scale.

Barns and an old weather worn tree.

Jolly and Tana were a snug fit through this charming town, Sonora.  Man did a great job of weaving us through this quaint town.  Sadly, we did not have the opportunity to come back and explore.  Has been added to the bucket list.

This bridge is near Robinson's Ferry, State Highway 49 at Stanislaus River, South of Angels Camp.  There is a huge pull off area on the north side (where I am standing to take this photo).  We stopped stretched our legs and, let the fur kids have a potty break.  Nice place for a break.  Beauty and a bit of really cool history, double win.

Another barn, or storage shed of some type, and a cell tower in the background.  The old and the new.

House boat ready to party, grill and all. Currently land locked just a bit. Looks like it is fairly well cared for, painted and all.

The ultimate warning sign system, a 270 degree turn per the signs, 30 MPH.  If you don't see the first sign on the right side of the road, they have repeated it on the left side a bit further along.  Yes, it was a long slow curve.

We will spend the next week at the Jackson Rancheria with our MOC friends.

The roses were gorgeous, and in the middle of April!

And, unusual rigs are always so much fun to see, lots of truck and small trailer, great combo.

We have much to see here and friends to visit with.  This week will just FLY by!



Marti said...

Sonora does look like a pretty town. Do you travel with a group to your events?

Carol said...

Sometimes we do Marti. Just depends on who is where when, kismet chance or planned.

There is a post on January 13, 2013 (go to the bottom of the blog and search the Archives by date. It is titled,

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: We Interrupt This Trip :: Rally Time

I would give you the URL but, at the moment I am operating on minimal connectivity.

There are a few other examples on the blog and we have done so for many years with other groups.

Caravan running together is fun, and a challenge. Just finding a place to park all those rigs at one time is a challenge.