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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: THE Drive of THE Trip, Part 3, 49 Fun

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You have been warned!

April 19, 2013. NOTE the date!!!

Now, lets chat and show you ALL about 49 from Mariposa to the intersection of 49 and 120 near the burg of Moccasin.  Driving distance about 37 miles, or so says my route mapping program.

What you see below is a chart of altitude and the time I took the photo of the GPS with Sony Too.  I am not guaranteeing that the GPS correctly recorded the altitudes, sometimes when we are driving the "boonies" we get bizarre results, we have been at 200 feet above sea level in heavy trees and the GPS will read 150 feet BELOW sea level.  I have to question the 2269 feet and 2432 feet all within one minute and the 1438 and 1259 feet within another minute or two.  The 2356 feet to 2392 feet measurements I can believe.  (And, no, I cannot figure out how to center this table.  Frustrating!  LOL)

2269 feet @ 1:52
2432 feet @ 1:52
1438 feet @ 2:17
1259 feet @ 2:18
1133 feet @ 2:20
1180 feet @2:25
1713 feet @ 2:29
2356 feet @ 2:40
2392 feet @ 2:40
2255 feet @ 2:42

So, here we see that we are at 2260 feet, driving 38 MPH and the road is starting to look a bit crooked.  (So is the photo of the GPS, seems about half the time just as I go to hit the shutter on Sony Too Man hits a bump in the road and the camera jumps!)

And, as always the signs get our attention.  "Tractors and Semis over 30 foot from the kingpin to the rear axle not advised."  Saw a LOT of this sign over the next several weeks.  And, yes, we DID measure Tana to be sure we were within the advised length.  One night in the dark we took a measuring tool out and found out that Tana is indeed legal, she is 25 feet from king pin to rear axle!  WOOT!  We can drive these roads, we can, and we do! 

15 MPH round the next corner.  Looks perfectly safe for higher speeds from this vantage point.  I can guarantee, the 15 was required, 12 was more like it!

More of those crooked roads, now remember, we are also going up and down in altitude at the same time.  Up, down, round and round - - - 

View from the top of one hill. Ahhhhh.

Loot oo, lookie that turn, that is gonna be something!

There is is, down there, you can just see it, oh, my!  This photo from Sony Too.  OH, some pretty blue/purple flowers growing along the roadside here, just for me??  Well, thank you ever so much!  Believe they may be lupine.

Yes, I do believe that says, 10 MPH!!  Man did less, 10 must be for some sports car, low slung, low center of gravity.  Jolly and Tana do better slower.  OK, Carol does better SLOWER!! (Please forgive the glare on the right side of this photo.  Me and Sony Too vs Jolly vs glare and reflections.  SIGH)

This image is from GoogleMaps, and shows the turn from above.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Also from Google Maps, street view.  A true hair pin turn.  Oh, yea, I want that camera!  LOL

A pretty view, a bridge, we are going down there, soon!

When we get down there, a pretty river, meandering - - 

You can see the rock walls are very close to the edge of the road, no shoulders along much of 49.  The good thing is that most of this ride, we were on the inside, not looking down over the cliffs.  Man does a terrific job of driving, never hit those rock walls, not once!

What I see when I look out the side view mirror on the passenger side.  Ya, Man keeps Tana in the lane and off the side!  No huggin the inside lane allowed here.

It took us about 1 hour and 35 minutes to drive the 37 miles of this part of the day's drive.  We did pull off to have a lookie see once or twice.  There were not many pull offs along through here.

The next portion of the drive will be to take 120 east to the Groveland area.  We thought we had conquered 49 and the rest would be easier.  We were almost at our destination.  We had heard 120 was interesting.  Let's just say it was MORE than interesting.  Next time I'll share that with you. 

*Note, the two graphics from Google Maps.  All the disclaimers apply here.  They have copyrights, they don't ask me to use.  I don't get charged to play with GoogleMaps.  I don't have to use their product.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not.  They don't ask me to review their products.  See my disclaimer page at the top of this blog.


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