Sunday, July 7, 2013

Still Disconnected

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Yes we are still disconnected. Only our Sprint cell phones work here. We have been too busy or tired or lazy to take our computers up to the local coffee house more than once. We can connect to their free wifi there, IF we go up there.

This is a screen shot of part of my computer screen. See that large yellow star in front of the bars icon?

Yep that means the lap top is not connected to the Internet.

So for tonight you get the Blogger app and iPhone photo version of a post.

A few more days and we shall be moving on, leaving behind a remarkable place. It has been something else I can tell you that. Waterfalls, lunch with glaciers just up the hill, some one who shall remain nameless, but whose initial is "M" actually threw a snow ball at his wife. We drove to 6,400 feet on roads that just barely hang on to the mountain.

Quite amazing. But they obviously have never heard of Verizon here abouts. I love my iPhone. But oh how I miss my iPad and computer connectivity. Oh. No wifi in this campground. Just call me spoiled. Guilty.


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