Monday, February 18, 2013

This N That Arizona Style

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

A palm tree??  Sorta looks like the ones in the background, sorta - -

Fancy palm tree, with Sony Too's zoom we discover, is not a palm tree, but a cell tower.

Helicopter in a trailer, well, parts of a helicopter, tooling down I 10 Phoenix, just west of I 17.

This rig is in the campground we are currently staying in.  The trailer is taller than the motorhome, it looks HUGE!  We walk by and wonder every time, how IS he getting that down the road without taking off the roof.  He is from Canada, he had to drive it here.  HUGE!  We shake our heads.  And, it is PURDY!!!!  All that chrome!

Over in Buckeye I spied this 25 foot tall statue.  From the main road it was hard to see what it was, so, of course, I asked Man to drive over there, and lo and behold:

Meet Hobo Joe.  You can read about him on the site, here.  Let's get a bit closer, in one pocket it sure looks like his lunch, even a banana.

In the other pocket, his newspaper and a glove.

Well, now, I had fun bringing you 'This N That' from Arizona.  Hope you enjoyed it too.  Ya just never know what you will find around the next bend.


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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I did enjoy!!! Traveling viciously here through the eyes of Sony 2 and you

Thank you!!