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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Sabino Canyon, Tucson Arizona :: Today Was All About Water In The Desert

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January 9, 2013

Sabino Canyon is located northeast of Tucson.   The canyon is a hiker/walker/photographer's dream, mixed liberally with saguaro, mountain peaks, water and really neat geological rock stuff.  (How's that for techy, neat geological rock stuff!  LOL)  There is a tram that leaves the Visitors Center and will take you up the canyon.  You either ride up and back or walk, or ride part of the way, you can jump on and off the tram at any of the nine posted stops.

After a quick informative visit at the Visitors Center we determined that we would ride the tram, scout out the "stops", which were all numbered, and then, walk part of the way down.  It was a good plan, the road is paved, easy walking, but, a constant grade UP if you walk up and a nice stroll if you walk down.

Here is a tram, note how narrow the bridges are.  Personal vehicles are not permitted.

This is at the bottom, near the Visitors Center, many walkers/hikers were enjoying the park.  The weather turned out to be perfect, sunny, and temps moderate.

We rode the tram to the top to stop number 9.  We stayed on the tram as it started back down.  We got off at stop number 8.  This is a shot taken from the tram just before we disembarked.  This rock formation is called Gneiss.   There is a nice article about Gneiss in the Arizona Daily Star.

About 7 to 10 days before we visited, the water started flowing strongly from Mount Lemmon.  There had been considerable snow and it melted.  And, we got water and waterfalls and babbling brooks and PURE DELIGHT!!

Looking down the canyon from this vantage point, yellow and red showing in the trees, water, rock, beauty!

Carol to Man, "Is it cold?"  Man to Carol, "Oh YA!"  Carol to Man, "Well, it is melted snow pack."  Both Carol and Man proceed to chuckle, child like delight.

Another shot down the canyon, yellow, red, and some gneiss rock.  (Yes, it is pronounced NICE.  Some nice rock for sure!)

Further down the canyon:

Closer thanks to Sony Too, a small water fall:

OK, look up for a moment, saguaro, rock structures, yellow trees (sorry not sure what they were).

Just screamed panoramic, so, I did one:

Back to water, this yellow tree does appear to be some kind of cottonwood.

The water was incredibly clear, see the rocks in the water.  Yes, that is a balloon down there too.  This was down a way, thanks to Sony Too for the close up to show off clear water.

Looking down the canyon again, when I look at this photo, I feel peace of soul:

Water was the star of the day, so I will end it with a reflection and water and the blue sky, ya, that blue on the bottom left was a reflection of the sky.  Ya, I loved this photo!

There is a nice article here on Sabino Canyon.

Our time in Tucson is growing short, we were all delighted we had time to visit and enjoy Sabino Canyon.


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