Monday, February 25, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Someday, This MIGHT be Humorous, Maybe - -

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Today we left Buckeye and headed west once again.  We had our sights set on Bullhead City for a week.

We had studied the campgrounds, called a few, chatted with friend Nita who was already in the area, and made our informed decision.  We "reserved" a site and left Buckeye, reassured it was easy to back into, large, full hook ups and a "nice" site.

We enjoyed the trip over, about 220 miles.  We did have to eat our lunch on the side of the road, as the route took us past desert, mountains, cholla, saguaro and Joshua trees.  It did NOT take us past any eateries.  So, I did the maintain the Demon stuff, power bars, protein drinks, cheese, sliced turkey, some chips.

I took about 130 photos, nope, have not previewed them yet.

We pulled into the campground and the first empty campsite I saw was totally fab, WHAT A VIEW!  Looked right up the Colorado river to the casinos in Laughlin.  Nice view,  the campground is up high and really that view, WOW!

This however, is the view of the campsite they gave us:

Ya, really.  Makes me a bit sad, Man had a bike similar and we once had Layton Celebrity.  But, we could not look at this stuff all week long.  We would have been 1 foot from the back of this "stuff".  We were not even sure we could hook up our sewer, and we have 30 foot of sewer hoses.  We understand that some people full time out of necessity and not out of the desire.  We understand that there are a lot of sad stories out there.  My heart breaks hearing these stories.

But, I just could not do it.  I dealt with the barbed wire, I dealt with the side by side hookups, I dealt the the record setting cold and rain and such.  But, I could not deal with this.

We left!  We are very lucky, they gave us a full refund.

I just could not do it.  I guess that makes me a snob??

Tell me, that someday, this will be humorous, please tell me it will - -


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