Thursday, February 7, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Mount Lemmon, Part 3, Seven Cataracts

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January 6, 2013.  One of the pulloffs we stopped at on the way down Mount Lemmon was named Seven Cataracts Vista.  This refers to seven waterfalls.  The falls were a LONG way away from the pulloff, putting Sony Too to the max test.  Here is an photo of the hill (mountain) of water falls.  I can't see them, can you?  (Note to my readers, I have made many of these photos larger than I normally do, so we can see - -  This could also mean a bit slower load time. )

Falls, not necessarily from the top.  I am also not sure I captured all seven in close up shots (close up being a bad measure at these distances).

The pool from the photo above, closer, I can imagine in warm (err, hot) weather, that this would be very inviting, want to take a dip??

Yes, there is a fall in this photo, mid photo, small, look closely:

Two falls in this one!

How fun is this, a pool on top, waterfall, a pool at the bottom.

Two more falls:

Closer view of the waterfalls from the photo above:

Long thin stream, not sure if they count this as a water fall or not?  I see spots that could be falls, I think - -

This fall was actually quite large when compared to some of the others:

A closer view of the waterfall above.

That might be the seven water falls, I make no guarantees.  Hope you enjoyed them, I sure had fun, err, felt challenged, taking the photos.  Sony Too has about a 30 times zoom.  I could have used 50!

Our next visit has a totally different flavor, old missions.



Barbara Poole said...

I followed it down. You're right, it was a long one. How come there is so little green, being that the water is right there?

Carol said...

Barbara, I think the water was from snow melt from the 30 inches of snow they had during the weeks before we drove up there. When we went to Sabino Canyon, same area, they said they had been dry till about 10 days prior to our arrival. I suspect they don't have water all year long?? Sabino Canyon post to follow in a few days, by the way!