Monday, February 4, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Characters of The Old Tucson Studios

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January 3, 2013.  Man and I wanted to visit the (New) Old Tucson Studios, and we were delighted when friend and blogger Susan and her hubs contacted us and they were interested on planning a visit too.  (Man and I met Susan and hubs back in November of 2010 when we were in the first legs of THE Trip.  A short evening of chatter, visiting and some terrific barbecue, fast friends!)   Susan and hubs were in the general area (if you call a 2 hour drive one way "in" the general area).  We made the meet up arrangements.  Susan and hubs are western film affectionados in a big way.  Man and I enjoy revisiting the "old west".  Western movies and television shows were the shows of our youth (please keep your thoughts and remarks to your selves on that age thingy!  LOL)  The weather cooperated, abundant sun and moderate temps and not much wind!  Perfect!  We had a wonderful visit and huge memory blasts.  What a great day we had!

Here, from left:  Susan's hub, Susan and Man.  You can tell from the grins we were having a great time!

Part of the fun of the day, especially for the children (we ARE all children at heart, right, yep, I thought so), were the shoot em ups - - The sheriff is watching - - just saying - -

This cowboy is pretty slick eh, pulling that gun out of his belt like that.  He thought he was slick, he got shot tho.  (Remember this is pretend and play, please no gun comments, pro or con, ok?  Thanks.)

Another show later in the day demonstrated some of the "tricks of the trade" from the stunt men.  This guy slid down this rope.  I have no interest in trying this, but, it did look like fun, for him!

Climbing up, he rather scampered up, ah, youngsters:

Yes, this stunt man is falling backwards, yes, I laughed.

What can I say, stunt men and westerns, WIN!!

And, of course, there were some floozies, err, dancing girls to be found in town:

Some of the photos cannot be shared or even whispered about.  However the dancing girls did leave behind,

as proof they were there.  Nope, Man did not bring it home - - What happens in Old Tucson stays in Old Tucson - -

We had a wonderful time with Susan and hubs.  One of the wonderful things about traveling around with Tana and Jolly, we have opportunities to meet up with not only our family and our RVing friends far and wide, but, also with my blogging friends.  What a blessing and soooo much fun, floozies, err, dancing girls and all.


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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Well that certainly looked like a fun day for the four of you! In talking to my uncle (who, I just found out, recently moved from Arizona to Texas to be with his wife's family), he says Arizona was love at first sight for him. Nice to see some of it through your blog Carol!