Wednesday, February 6, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Mount Lemmon, Part 2

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January 6, 2013.

We have driven to Summerhaven, the end of the line, at the top of Mount Lemmon, so, now, it is time to turn Jolly around and head back down towards Tucson. We make quite a few stops on the way down, it is much easier to get good photos when standing still!  LOL

These three probably have a great view of the valleys and mountain roads.

We were all hungry, the prices of food in Summerhaven were steep, sorta like the road they must drive to get it all up there.  We had picnic lunches, just in case, and so, we decided to head for a picnic ground.  But, we were too hungry to go far, so at one of the pull offs the coolers came out and lunch became a tail-gater event.  J & D had never had a tail-gater lunch, a new experience.

Looks like the top of the world, doesn't it?

And, as always, the formations grab my attention and my wonder:

View after view:

Look close, see that boulder hanging 90 degrees opposite but supported by two others?  Yep, I find it all fascinating.  The power, Mother Nature, combined, they fill me with awe!  How DID that happen?

Alrighty now, look close, see anything (hint, look on that top boulder/shelf):

Closer, looks like they have done some rock climbing, or possibly, some rappelling from this advantage point.

Down there, yes, there is a road, those little things about mid photo, they are cars.

Looking out over the snow covered mountains, down the road and on into the valley where greater Tucson is, breathtaking.  Believe me, the photos do not do justice to what the human eye sees, the depth, the 3rd dimension is missing, oh, for that 3D camera - -

Down the road further, we pause to look back up:

I know, I cannot help myself, structures again, standing there in all their glory, chiseled from thousands of years of forces:

As darkness comes, a haunting kind of beauty:

What a day we had.  You may remember me mentioning something about the snow fall creating water falls.  We found some, named the Seven Cataracts. Supposedly seven individual water falls.  I'll show you next time, or try to.  I needed MORE camera than Sony Too had to give me.



Lynne Carothers said...

Rappelling! Are you kidding me? You have photographed the top of a bolt. It is obvious to me that you have uncovered positive proof that these rocks were assembled by the Disney designers! Mother Nature? Absurd!

Gee, I guess I have heard too many conspiracy theories lately.


Carol said...


You crack me up!

Thanks for reading!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Beautiful trip. Many rock formations look like they could have been assembled for Disney.

We have not done this drive. Must get to it :)