Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Wickenburg, Arizona

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It was Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg, about an hours drive from Buckeye if you take the very picturesque route of North Wickenburg Road and Vulture Mine Road.  Two lane paved highway through the desert and hills, filled with dips and curves to delight bikers and those that like back roads.  We only saw one bike during our ride:

You can see the dips in the road.  I was shooting the mountains in the background, but, the dips really show up quite well:

There are several areas where RVs were boondocking.

The Vulture Mine is abandoned, but, tours are sometimes available.

Spied this sign along the way, with all the sun out here, it makes sense they would build solar here.

In Wickenburg, Man met up with a floozy!  Yes, again!

There was of course, a carnival full of rides and yummy (spell that full of fat and carbs) food.  Yes, we had just a little bit of that yummy food.

Someone we all know enjoying a bit of music, the musician was good too!

Downtown street sign:

The weather was favorable, we had a nice day in Wickenburg and we enjoyed the drive up so much we did something we rarely do, we turned around and went back the very same way!


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