Saturday, February 16, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Tucson to Brenda and Quartzsite

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After our month in Tucson for the holidays it is time to roll em out.  We are headed for Quartzsite, boondocking heaven for many RVers during the winter months.  You can read about our experiences with the MOC, see posts from January 13, 2013 through January 24, 2013. 

Here are a few photos from the drive from Tucson to Brenda Arizona.  We will spend one night there before we hit the desert for 15 nights.  

There are several airplane "boneyards" in Arizona.  I spied these planes soon after we left Tucson, heading west on I 10.  A boneyard?  Have no idea. 

Picacho Peak, a landmark, also just off I 10.

Harvesting cotton, they "bundle" it up in huge 18-wheeler sized packages, which are then loaded onto a truck bed to take to market.

Note the hill of black rock, you will see quite a bit of that near Brenda and Quartzsite Arizona.  In fact, the campground we stay in at Brenda is named Black Rock.

We will spend 15 nights on the desert sans hookups.  We will experience the coldest snap they have had since 1978 and the most rain on a given day with over one inch of rain that threatened to swallow us up.  I'll show you the muck and mess next time.


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