Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time to Spoil the Grandtwins, Day 3 and 4

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We needed groceries, I needed a break from the kitchen and we wanted to do more geocaching, so off to town we went, first stop, one of the local cemeteries to see if we could find a cache.  This one takes you to an approximate location, which by the way was well over 60 feet off.  SIGH, took us a LONG time to find:

The cache clues even provide a photo on line at the geocaching web site of the general area.  They suggest you use this photo to find headstones that have some more clues, your challenge find the correct headstones.  Using the data on the headstones, you solve mathematical equations to come up with the true GPS coordinates of the cache.  Well, that's the plan anyway.   So, we attempted to solve the clues, and we eventually ended up here, and no, we did not find the small cache.  We have every reason to believe we were in the right spot, but, I am allergic to pine, so I was not going deep in there to see if I could find it.  Thinking we should try this again when the weather is cooler and I can convince Man to barge into those pines a bit!  This is a micro cache, SMALL, but, I did see some metal fence posts - - hmmmm???

We spent quite a bit of time hunting down this FAILED cache, so, next on the agenda - - lunch!  Chinese.

After lunch we decided to try at least one more cache in town before we went grocery shopping.  The GPS lead us right to a residential area, private property.  The homeowner hid this one on his own property and comes out and talks to you when you are hunting it down.  He is an experienced cacher so we pumped him for a bit of information.  We determined from our discussions with him that our new geocaching GPS unit is reading very well indeed, and that makes us wonder why we are not finding some of these caches, other than not wanting to barge into lots o pine trees, that is!  LOL  Maybe we need better glasses??  Anyway, isn't this a clever hide??

Encouraged a wee bit after our visit with the local cacher, we tried ONE more find, Man and the girls zeroed in on this one fairly quickly, good clues about sitting green.

We were ready to grab some groceries and head for the stick, and yes, more Olympics telie watching, VERY late watching.  That was OK we had decided the next day we were not getting out of our jammies and we were going to watch the Olympics ALL day long and that is just what we did!


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Oh you are devious! Geocaching in the cemetery have to go back. Snicker snicker. Good luck looking in the pine trees.