Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cedar Point, We Came, We Conquered, We Had a Great Time

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our family had a summer's end trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park this week, we we all able to go less two adults who had to work (darn that work thing getting in the way!)  We had a beautiful weather day, not too hot nor humid, low wind, blue skies.

My one ride, first of the day, got that out of the way:

This photo was taken from the ground (of course!).  The MaXair spins, and it swings back and forth pendulum style, while spinning, and stops at the top at about 90 degrees (at 140 feet) from the "load" position.  Wikipedia calls it a giant frisbee ride, says it goes 70 miles per hour. Son # 1's wife was the only one brave enough to go on it, and, we all agreed, she looked a bit green when she got off it.  And, yes those are feet in the air, upside down rider's feet.

Below:  No I did NOT ride this.  My faithful readers may remember the Tram ride from *&$#, err, in Palm Springs California.  I did ride this MANY years ago.  I did not like it then, and believe me, after Palm Springs, there was little chance, err, NO chance, of my getting on another one, even one this tame.

And, there goes my entire family, Son # 1, his bride, his twins, Son # 3 and Man, off to conquer the Blue Streak:

Massive spider legs??  Nope, the support legs of one of the numerous roller coasters.  I thought they looked a bit artistic.

What is that hiding in the bush, err, landscaping?

Man, the Grandtwins, and their mom went this spinning swing called the Wind Seeker.  It goes up, WAYYYYY, up, about 300 feet up!  I did not ask, but, I'll bet the view was pretty spectacular WAYYYYY up there!

Cedar Point is located on a slim peninsula of land that is on Lake Erie. It sits on about 360 acres, by the way, there are 15 roller coasters! There is also some nice beach!

Man, the Grandtwins and their mother rode this ride at Snake River Falls, and yes, they got VERY wet!

One of the 15 roller coasters, I am sure Son # 3 probably rode this, he rode a lot of coasters.  I don't know the name.  Have to say, the coasters are AMAZING to watch from the ground!   I so wanted to stand underneath and around them and just shoot photos for hours.  The most amazing one tho, we felt was the Top Thrill Dragster, 0 to 120 MPH in 4 seconds flat!  It goes 420 feet up and has a 90 degree vertical angle, in other words, it pretty much goes straight up and straight down!  Son # 3 rode it twice I hear!  That 0 to 120 is the dangest thing I have ever seen, it acts as if it has a jet engine in it's back end, but, it is powered by a hydraulics launch mechanism of some kind.  I have no idea what that means, 'cept it means F * A * S * T and then F * A * S * T * E * R yet!  (And, nope, I did not get ONE photo of the Top Thrill Dragster I was standing there watching in total awe!  Forgot to shoot!)

Wait, tell me it isn't so - - Summer is over??  Arghhhhh, the last ride  - - -

A fun day was had by all, even though we missed our two adults that had to stay home to work.



Karen said...

Looks like a wonderful time, a beautiful day, and some SCARY looking rides! The merry go round and bumper cars looked fun though! :)

Carol said...

Michelle Goodrum left this message earlier today and I, mmm, well, I deleted it instead of publishing it. Fat fingered duhhhh moment. Sorry Michelle:

I'm with you when it comes to those crazy rides. Been there. Done that. Now I just take pictures. The beach and bumper cars look like lots of fun tho.

Michelle Goodrum said...

LOL. Thanks for the good chuckle first thing in the morning.

Kathy Reed said...

What a fantastic way to wrap up the summer! It looks like the weather was great and that a good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

OMG I need to go and lie down in a darkened room just looking at the rides. I can manage a sedate carousel, but that's about it. I'll hold the coats and bags, thanks :-) Jo