Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orange Cemetery Kit, Add Ons

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When I posted The Orange Cemetery Kit, I also posted a link on Facebook and Google Plus.  And, then the conversations began!  What fun we had, with silliness and some great suggestions and questions.  I am going to post some of the suggestions, some appeared in comments on the original post.

Those that would fit in MY kit first.

Tweezers, thanks to Debbie Blanton McCoy.

Crayons will be stored in a sandwich baggie, thanks Leslie Lawson.

Toothbrush, thanks again to Leslie Lawson.

Old socks which you can use and then toss when they become dirty, thanks to Linda Jenkins Wensel.

Several suggestions were made to add straps to the bag, so I can carry cross my back, one was to use a bungie cord and some type of wrap,  thanks to Linda Jenkins Wensel .  Another good idea, "go to the thrift store and buy a used purse with shoulder straps. Take the strap off and attach to the back- bing bang boom done."  Thanks to Terri Kallio.

Two great suggestions on finding something orange.  One is from cousin Connie Eunice Nunes, who always comes up with some interesting feed back for me, love the way her mind works.  Her idea, Bing search the term neon orange, I'll save you the effort, here is her link!  And, Terri Kallio offered this great suggestion,  "As far as things orange - go to any store that sells hunting gear and you will find all the orange stuff you could ever want......"

Another suggestion came from Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana, who wrote, "It's actually a great idea to ADD to the big easy way to keep the small things together, and when you don't need the whole bucket, you can just grab the smaller bag and go."

And, along the same lines, Linda Melnik wrote, "What I'll probably do is use both the lunch box and the bucket and leave the bucket in the car with the "just in case" stuff like paper towels and the larger container of wet ones. I also buy a box of individual wet ones and can put one or two of those in the lunch box."

Several suggested including a GPS unit, thanks to AMP (my Virginia genie angel) and others.  We could use the handheld geocaching unit for this and we also have the GPS in Jolly.

*The disclaimer, Facebook and Google Plus are social networks I participate in.  They happen to both be free (well, we could debate that till the cows come home, but, I digress) sites, I use.  They own the copyrights and all that junk.  I use them, sometimes successfully, other times, with much angst and ranting.  They have not asked me to mention them (hahaha, like, mmm, folks, I just am NOT that important to either of them, eh??).  Nope, I get no $$ from them either when I chat about them.

** I have not linked to any of the posters of these wonderful ideas, some are bloggers, if you are interested, search for them, or contact me privately and I will share URL's with you.  I did not include links because Google gets upset if you put too many in one specific blog post, and I just did not feel like facing down the Google world today.

*** I will add additional suggestions later if any more come in.

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